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Robot assistant for restaurants and ghost kitchens

Save money and simplify your management while boosting the efficiency of your kitchen

For all kitchens

  • For all kitchens from 50 seats

  • In an open or closed kitchen, Cook-e fits  into your current operation

  • Cook-e works in cooperation with a cook or independently

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Logiciel de comptabilité


  • The money you save on staff finance the robot, and much more

  • Thanks to our leasing partners, the payment is spread out, you don't have to pay anything upfront

  • You save from day 1!


Delighted customers

  • The speed and the transparency of Cook-e will delight your customers

  • With the customization of dishes to the nearest gram and ingredient, everyone will find a dish to their taste

  • An ingredient missing? The menu is updated automatically: fewer unhappy customers !

Clients satisfaits au restaurant
Livraison de plat

Ideal for delivery

  • Thanks to the cost reductions generated, Cook-e  makes delivery more profitable for you

  • Delivery orders are sent automatically on the robot 

  • Automatic prediction of preparation times will make you rise in the ranking of delivery applications​



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Robot doseur Cook-e

Technical characteristics - Cook-e Robot Restaurant version


Ground surface



Storage methods

Positive cold, Dry


Maximum output

100 dishes / hour


Maximum power

2500kW per cooking module


Cooking methods

Stir-fry, boiling water


Storage capacity

Up to 300 servings

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