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Robotic equipment for central kitchens

Automate the preparation and conditioning of your dishes while benefiting from advanced monitoring

Help your teams

  • Cook-e can  be programmed to make preparations independently,  before the arrival of staff

  • The preparations made are returned to storage (cold or hot)

  • Cook-e assists your teams during packaging by dosing portions 


Travail d'équipe
Employé cuisine centrale

Digitalization and flexibility

  • Follow the progress of the preparations in real time

  • Easily customize batches of preparations from starting recipes

  • Build recipe plans and share them easily

Health and Safety

  • No handling of heavy loads, smoke detection, presence sensor, camera monitoring : safety first

  • The robot's food-safe materials are made to resist harsh cleaning

  • The absence of human contact during preparation makes Cook-e  very hygienic

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Robot doseur Cook-e

Technical characteristics - Cook-e Robot Central kitchens version


Floor area

From 2.7m2


Storage methods

Positive cold, Dry


Maximum output

Several hundred dishes / hour


Maximum power

2500kW per cooking module


Cooking methods

Stir-fry, boiling water


Storage capacity

Up to 3000 portions

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