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Discover Cook-e!

The kitchen assistant 2.0

Installation and operation

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We deliver and install the robot


Enter your recipes in the software


You fill your ingredient tanks

Let's eat !

The robot dispenses, cooks and mixes. It's ready !

A wide range of meals

Cook-e cooks all dishes with mixed ingredients, without  complex manipulations. The range of achievable dishes is endless! The robot can cook fresh or hot dishes from start to end or work with a chef.

The robot easily prepares bowls, woks, salads, pasta, rice, meat and fish thinly cut (diced, minced, crumbled...),mashed ingredients, sauces, vegetable side dishes... and much more.

Exemples de plats

A high-performance kitchen assistant

Efficient, reliable, tailor-made. Cook-e boosts the efficiency of your kitchen by preparing dishes quickly and with a high level of quality, under your control. 



Choose the ingredients containers that match your type of cuisine 


Collaborative mode

The chef can be notified if a special manipulation requires his intervention


Everyone has their own taste

The robot can customize each customer's dish to the gram and ingredient


In your size

Store several hundred servings in the robot.

Ground surface from 2.7m2



Cook-e connects to your POS and delivery apps


Total control

Through the app, take control and launch preparations from a distance


High flow

Cook-e prepares several dishes in parallel, up to several hundred dishes / hour 


Consistent quality

Cook-e accurately reproduces   your recipes, cooking duration  and weighs are very precise



The sensitive parts of the robot are automatically cleaned, 

absence of human contact reduces hygiene risks

Repas gastronomique

A real connected logistics platform

More than a robot, Cook-e is a logistics platform that centralizes and transmits information from and to your kitchen to simplify all your operations. 



Cook-e's app predicts preparation time to the second and notifies you as soon as an order is ready 


Stock management

Monitor your inventory anytime, create  alerts to place an order when stocks are low 

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Real-time logistics

Visualize the tank level during service. The robot warns you before an ingredient is missing


Dynamic menu

The robot detects the missing ingredients and updates the menu automatically in your order taking software 


Easy update

Dishes of the day, seasonal... Entering a new recipe takes 5 minutes,  no staff to train!



Storage module temperatures, expiration dates and batch numbers are kept and accessible at all times

Intérieur du restaurant

Savings and simplified management 

Cook-e saves you staff costs but also other cost items  significantly and simplifies your management. You spend less time recruiting, training and managing staff.

A financial breath of fresh air

Analyse de graphiques
  • Cook-e saves you direct and indirect staff costs (recruitment costs, training, etc.)


  •  Energy optimization and waste reduction reduce even more the bill

  • Reduced waiting time increases your customer turnover, therefore your income

Bureau avec ordinateur

Simplified management

  • Cook-e allows you to spend less time training, recruiting and managing staff

  • Robot alerts, automatic inventory and other features save you valuable time

  • The Cook-e company takes care of the maintenance, it is included in the price

Salade verte

Energy optimization

  • The cooking modules optimize the energy allocated and never heat a second too much!

  • Our cooking modules use induction,  more ecological than gas

  • Real-time knowledge of your inventory allows you to reduce food waste

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