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Who are we ?

Cook-e was founded in 2019 by three partners - Raphaël,  Quentin and Ludovic - united by the same desire: to revolutionize restaurant's kitchens. After having interviewed  around fifty players in the sector (chefs, managers, versatile employees, restaurant owners...)  we designed Cook-e's robotic kitchen with a triple goal. 

The first is to allow restaurants to breathe financially. In France, 60% of restaurant owners close their doors within the first 3 years, because the sector is competitive and the margins are often low, or even zero. By automating certain recurring tasks, Cook-e allows to achieve profitability, thereby sustaining the restaurant's survival and the team's jobs. 

The second is to put the taste of good ingredients  back at the center of attention. Too many restaurant owners have to cut corners on the quality of ingredients to break even. Thanks to the surplus generated by automation, our bet is that Cook-e will allow restaurant owners to invest in higher quality ingredients, for the greatest pleasure of consumers.  

And the last is to harness technology to deliver a better customer experience. Personalization of dishes with the ingredient close for all customers, reduced waiting time, prediction of preparation times, order tracking... These are some of the promises of our robotic platform! 

The team

The Cook-e team is made up of high-level engineers and entrepreneurs. If you want to be the next in the team, go to the Join Us page ;) 


Raphaël Théron


Graduate of Polytechnique, Raphaël co-founded the yield management startup PriceMatch, acquired by in 2015. 

He is also a Business Angel. 


🍲 Favorite dish: croziflette

 🪁Hobby: kitesurfing!  

Corentin Canovas

Mechanical engineer

Corentin graduated from UTC. He worked at GEHealthcare in the past.

🍲 Favorite dish: ramen

🎸 Hobby: the bass guitar 🎵

Quentin Duke

Mechanical engineer

Quentin joined Cook-e in 2021 after specializing in industrial engineering at Grenoble INP. 

🍲 Favorite dish: chicken with cream

🎾🎶: tennis & music



Position to be filled

You are passionate about   robotics and you want to revolutionize catering with us?Apply here!

Quentin Guilleus

Mechatronics Director

Quentin holds a PhD from Polytechnique and the CEA, and is a graduate of the UTC. He worked at Softbank Robotics, Balyo and in a robotics startup, StillHuman. 

Juliette Melierre

Mechanical engineer

A graduate of Supméca Paris, Juliette joined Cook-e after an engineering internship at the University of Lappeenranta in Finland. 

🍲 Favorite dish: pasta gratin

🎨Hobby: creative hobbies

Rached Fourati

Full Stack Developer

Rached worked 2 years in MKA EKO Group as full-stack developer and team leader in the past. He is a graduate of ESPRIT.


🍲 Favorite dish: couscous

🗺️🏊 Hobby: travel and swimming

Ludovic Ho Fuh

Software Director

A graduate of CentraleParis and the National University of Singapore, Ludovic worked at Softbank Robotics and Dyson. 

🍲 Favorite dish: wonton soup

🚶 Hobbies: Hiking, meditation, meeting around a meal :)

Gatien Pascaud

Industrialization engineer

Previously, Gatien was a product and industrialization engineer at UrgoTech. He graduated from INSA Lyon. 

🍲Favorite dish: fish with white butter sauce

 🤺 Hobby: fencing

Yovan Orlic

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Doctor of the Ecole Centrale Lille and graduate of Supméca, Yovan had several experiences as a mechanical designer in innovative products before. 


🍲 Favorite dish: fondue

✏️: drawing

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