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The world's first robotic kitchen, easily integrated into your restaurant.

Robot cuisine Cook-e

Save time

With the robotic, connected and modular kitchen by Cook-e. 

  • Enter your recipes in our software

  • Cook-e stores, dispenses, weighs, mixes, cooks and cleans itself

  • Fits in most kitchens (2,7 sq m)


Use Instagram &

Facebook to increase conversions


Improve your brand awareness using analytics


Design marketing materials that drive sales

Empower your employees

And reduce the risk of work-related accidents

  • Cook-e performs tedious and repetitive tasks 

  • Cook-e reduces musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) 

  • Your employees focus on high value-added tasks and collaborate with the robot

Logiciel robot cuisine Cook-e

Reach full transparency

Track all your kitchen's activity in real time on the software

  • Follow the progress of orders in real time

  • Monitor ingredient levels thanks to our sensors

  • Receive alerts before expiration dates are reached

Delight your customers

Cook-e offers many benefits to your customers

  • Reduce their waiting time

  • Customize dishes easily

  • Offer them thousands of different dishes

Personnes qui trinquent

Various recipes

Prepare rich and varied dishes from fresh ingredients

Our areas of activity

Restaurant branché

Restaurants and ghost kitchens

Employé cuisine centrale

Central kitchens

Client recevant son repas



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