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The cafeteria of the future by Cook-e

A connected, personalized and always open cafeteria  

Affordable in price and schedule

  • A wide range of hot and cold dishes made to order from fresh ingredients

  • Accessible price thanks to automatic preparation 

  • Also available in vending machine mode, accessible 24/7!


Restaurant ouvert
Client Click'n'Collect

Click & collect

  • Pre-order on smartphone

  • Ultra-accurate prep time forecasts

  • Self pick-up on the robot possible

Hyper-connected, hyper-personalized

  • The application allows  consumers to share their feedback on the different dishes

  • It records their favorite dishes, dietary restrictions and consumption schedules 

  • Thanks to this data, offer suitable dishes and optimize your supply 

Client satisfait

Technical characteristics - Cook-e Robot Cafeteria version


Floor area

2.7 m2


Storage methods

Positive cold, Dry


Maximum flow

Up to 100 dishes / hour


Maximum power

2500kW per cooking module


Cooking methods

Stir-fry, boiling water


Storage capacity

Up to 300 portions


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